I am a published author of numerous articles and a short story. I have a master’s degree in English from Utah State University. My freelance business, Alembic Publications, specializes in writing and editing related to the topics of psychology, spirituality, and creativity. I have extensive experience writing, editing, and managing blogs and newsletters within this genre.

I have three years of corporate experience in editing and content management positions. I also have five years of corporate experience as a technical writer and editor in the life science field.

Additionally, I’ve always loved both science and writing. Though my career began in the laboratory, the positions I held during the the ten years I spent in laboratory environments offered me the opportunity to write technical documentation in addition to performing benchwork. Through this experience, I discovered that I love communicating all types of knowledge. Whether I am writing a newspaper article or editing a technical report, I am happiest when I have the opportunity to help educate others about health and medical science, psychology, and other topics that can help improve their lives.

The skills and knowledge I’ve developed through my work experience and education include:

Strong knowledge base in psychology
I love studying and writing about psychology, and am currently enrolled in a master’s program studying counseling psychology. I have extensive experience writing articles and blog posts related to various psychological disciplines.

Experience in technical writing and editing for the life sciences
I have an undergraduate degree in biology, which included a senior thesis focusing on molecular genetics. After graduation, I worked in various laboratories, gaining experience in research, clinical, and regulated settings. This variety of experience has provided me with a solid understanding of scientific principles relevant to multiple disciplines.

Excellent writing and editing skills
I have three years of experience writing and managing regulatory submissions. I also have several years of experience writing and revising technical protocols and procedures in both clinical and FDA-regulated environments. I am skilled at compiling and analyzing data to write detailed final reports in compliance with regulatory requirements. I have graduate level experience in document design, writing technical instructions and manuals, and writing reports. I enjoy working with subject matter experts in order to ensure that any documentation produced is of the highest quality possible.

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